Inspired by the transitions in nature

In today’s interior spaces we look for this sense of gradual change and shift. As we move between functions and activities, we desire a sense of synergy and cohesion.

With our new Auxiliary collection you can create meaningful transitions in every commercial interior. 

Auxiliary Collection

Choose from colour tones that span cool and warm shades and combinations

Available in 8 co-ordinating colours.

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Available in 12 co-ordinating colours.

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Available in 18 co-ordinating colours.

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Auxiliary Collection

For simple or intricate transitional layouts,  every option to create cohesive designs. 

With three styles Complement, Detail and Feature, combining effortlessly, you can introduce colour and subtle patterns to achieve unique and stylish flooring designs.

In Stock programme


All styles in Auxiliary are part of our In Stock programme, available now


Combining effortlessly with our other carpet tile collections, Auxiliary is available as part of our In Stock programme. 

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Auxiliary Collection

Auxiliary collection, colour and pattern provide subtle combinations

Style Detail (5T384) transitions effortlessly with the organic, graduating pattern of Feature (5T385), while style Complement (5T383) completes the look, enhancing the cool or warm colour combinations.

Style Complement (5T383) used together with the linear pattern of style Detail (5T384) provides a pleasing pattern and colour contrast that can delineate areas within a floorspace.

The Auxiliary collection is available as part of our 

In Stock programme, a quick and simple solution 

to meet your needs today

High quality designs to meet the needs of modern commercial interiors.

Yarn held in stock in our UK facility to ensure continued and flexible supply.

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Carpet tiles manufactured in the UK using Shaw Contract TaskWorx® backing.

Meets the needs of building owners and occupiers for occupant and acoustic comfort.

Competitively-priced with no compromise on quality - so you can add value for your client.