IOBAC MagTabs®

Go below the surface of sustainable flooring with IOBAC MagTabs®. Magnetic on one side and self-adhesive on the other, the IOBAC MagTab® adhesive-free installation method is designed for use on magnetically receptive subfloors, including raised access flooring. This pioneering technology enables carpet tiles and LVT to be removed cleanly and with ease, facilitating their reuse or recycling. 

Why Choose IOBAC MagTabs®? 

✓ Hard to Shift, Easy to Lift (Patented Dual Grip Technology) – Secure grip proven in demanding projects, combined with clean, contamination-free uplift. 

✓ 2-Dimensional Hold – Interlocks floor tiles horizontally with vertical grip to the sub-floor for unparalleled hold. 

✓ Indoor Air Quality – Independent testing confirmed “Exemplary” criteria for VOC emissions in line with BREEAM standards and exceeded all requirements for LEED specification. 

✓ Material Efficiency – Only 4% coverage required, reducing logistics and disposal costs. 

✓ 15-Year Warranty – When IOBAC Mag-Tabs are used with Shaw Contract carpet tiles. 

✓ Second Location Warranty – Enables the reuse of flooring with Shaw Contract carpet tiles. 

✓ In Stock Item for Quick Delivery 

✓ Floor Tiles Uplifted Cleanly and Easily – Ideal for reuse or recycling through Shaw Contract's re[Turn] reclamation programme 

Iobac Magtabs® calculator

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Technical features 


Floor Covering 
Shaw Contract Carpet Tile or +4 mm Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) 
Adhesive Film Layer 
-      Acrylic based adhesive with polyester film liner 
-      Odourless 100% solid material – VOC content not applicable 
Magnetic Film  
-      Flexible strontium ferrite magnetic sheet 
-      Contains no plasticisers, phthalate free 
Dual-Grip Polyurethane Coating 
- VOC-free, odourless plant-based polyurethane resin manufactured mostly from renewable castor oil 
Receptive Sub-Floor 
- Metal raised access-floor, IOBAC Ezy-install Magnetically Receptive Underlay or IOBAC Magnetically Receptive Resins 

Dimensional Data 




• 97mm square 
• 0.3mm thickness 
• 100 tabs per roll, 8 rolls per case 
• Case dimensions – 305 x 305  x 305mm.  Weight – 12kg 

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