Go below the surface of sustainable flooring with IOBAC Tab-It. This ultra thin, double-sided dry-tack tabs, IOBAC Tab-It cleanly and securely affixes Shaw Contract carpet tiles and +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) on a variety of prepared sub-floors. It is an innovative technology that simplifies the installation process and embodies the essence of sustainable and responsible flooring solutions. 

Why using Tab-it® ?   

✓ Versatility – suitable for a wide range of built environments. IOBAC Tab-It® can be use on all common sub-floors (ceramic, concrete, wood, etc) and as an overlay over existing flooring. 

✓ Hard to shift, easy to lift (Dual Grip technology) - secure grab proven in demanding projects coupled with clean, contamination-free uplift. 

✓ Ultra-thin profile – no transference through to the flooring top surface, yet super strong, tear resistant construction. 

✓ Material efficiency – Only 4% coverage required, offering a 75% weight saving vs adhesive for reduced logistics and disposal costs. 

✓ 15 years warranty when IOBAC Tab-It® are used with Shaw Contract carpet tiles. 

✓ 2nd location warranty enabling reuse of flooring of Shaw Contract carpet tiles. 

✓ In Stock item for quick delivery 

✓ Floor tiles are uplifted cleanly and easily for reuse or recycling via Shaw Contract re[Turn] reclamation programme. 

IOBAC Tab-It® Calculator

Download our calculator to estimate your project.  

Technical features


Floor Covering

Carpet tile , + 4mm Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)  
Ultra-Thin Adhesive Film Layer (Flooring side) 
      -    Acrylic based adhesive with liner 
      -    Odourless 100% solid material – VOC content not applicable

 Tear Resistant Liner 

Ultra-Thin Adhesive Film layer (base side) 
      -    Acrylic based adhesive with liner 
      -    Odourless 100% solid material – VOC content not applicable

 Prepared Sub-Floor

Non-metal raised access flooring, Concrete, Wood, Ceramic, Vinyl/Lino/VCT 




- Highly shear resistant  
- Good resistance to extremes of moisture and temperature, and ageing, chemical resistant  
- Working temperature of +15 to +40°C, store between +10°C and +20°C

Dimensional Data

- 97 x 97mm square
- Circa 0.1mm thickness 
- 100 tabs per roll, 8 rolls per case 
- Case dimensions – 305 x 305 x 305mm.  Weight – 4.8kg 

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