Rapid Select case studies from the EMEA region

This project was a complete transformation for Salon Supplies head office in Southampton, UK, as the building was in need of modernisation. The commercial offices were moved from the first floor to the second floor, and the first floor became the salon furniture showroom space for trade clients.

Design firm Interaction worked on the Pinesgate project in Bath, UK for client Redde Northgate plc. The brief was to inject back some life into what was an unoccupied building in order to secure potential new tenants.

For Nestlé Headquarters in Dubai, the client wanted a vibrant new office that reflected a "passion for nutrition, health, and wellness”.

Istanbul-based design firm, Escape from Sofa was commissioned by Onur Group, to design their new offices in Ankara, Turkey.

The HUF Romania team wanted, first of all, to maintain the German character of the company, and a unifying look, characterised by the focus on a simple design, a professional atmosphere, clean lines and the preponderance of neutral colours.