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Our Design Awards recognise the creative vision of the architects and designers who inspire new ways of living, working, learning, and healing. The Awards place a spotlight on a diverse range of talents from across the globe, celebrating design in action and its social impact on the community. It rewards the innovative and truly inspiring work created by the architecture and design community.

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Design is powerful in the impact it has on people and planet for good. Our Design Awards programme has celebrated these powerful impacts for the past 14 years. It recognises projects that are not just beautifully designed, but those that make a social impact on the community and on the occupants of the space.

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The Lodge at Gulf State Park

2019 Design Awards

Take a look at the designs that were selected out of 700 submissions in over 32 countries.

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2019 Final Winners

BPX Energy wanted a space with an authentic, warm and welcoming feel that reflected the natural surrounding of Colorado.

The guiding influence behind Collision Lab at Cornell Tech is simple, creating spaces to let minds “collide” for tech solutions, start-up companies, new products.

Transforming a space from a two-story Art Deco building into a 21st Century learning facility that had a positive impact on students and teachers.

Calgary Public Library is an important part of the community it serves. The new main branch was created and inspired by the diverse people of Calgary .

Following 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, The Lodge at Gulf State Park's goal was embodying the old lodge whilst keeping environmental sustainability forefront.

Creating a learning environment that mirrored Australia's Hale Junior School's educational philosophy of Prepare, Teach and Connect.

How can we design our thoughts, actions and experiences to improve tomorrow?