Neology Headquarters

The client was located in an old house in Colonia Condesa, when in a small period of time it was adapted with workspaces; but the growth of the company and the distribution of the house caused the development to be compromised. In addition to the growth, the environment within the company was established by small private spaces that generated independent worlds within the areas of the company; work teams were only known through huge mail chains. From this arises the need to look for a new space, where square metres are not the starting point, but the search and identification of a work culture for the company and the collaboration between their employees; having as a result and open space area with different collaborative atmospheres for people to interact.

Shaw flooring helped our project by have all the necessary products for the project. We used the pigment tile for the coffee area and the rest of the space with a combination of tiles that all matched with the chromatic identity of the space, making colour an essential part of the design process.

As mentioned before, the client came from an unusual workspace where a big house is modified as an office; main reason why team members where divided and housed in the original spaces of the house, some employees even had a whole room as an office which made information, communication and work experience quite individual; almost having no relationship in between the people that made the company. Most of the workspaces had no light nor a view to the outer world, that was the main reason why having the most of natural light and open spaces determined the programme. No hierarchy where marked, only to semiprivate offices are found in the project, that can be used as meeting rooms when their CFO and CEO are outside the office. A work cafe was designed in order to have a more relax space, giving employees the possibility of a different workspace.


Mexico City, Mexico

Design Firm

Taller Paralelo


  • Small Office
  • Collection

    Color Frame and Color Form
    Grain + Pigment

    Products Used

    distort tile
    manipulate tile
    glitch tile
    color form tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner