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Living Systems collection for the EMEA Market

Shaw Contract is pleased to introduce Living Systems, a new Cradle to Cradle Certified™ collection of 25 x 100 cm carpet tiles that represents a holistic design approach. Forward-thinking designers, now, more than ever, are focused on sustainability and wellbeing - seeking spaces that satisfy the personal and social ability to live and thrive, without compromising future generations. With sustainable, regenerative design at its core, Living Systems is poised to elevate modern interiors through understanding the regenerative aspiration of refurbishment, social engagement and community.

“The Living Systems collection was designed utilising the principles of regenerative design,” said Andrew Jackson, Commercial Director, Shaw Contract EMEA. “Living Systems impacts human and natural resources by integrating the total system rather than focus on any specific component.”

As biophilic design becomes increasingly important in the built environment for its restorative and rejuvenating benefits, Living Systems’ nature-inspired and regenerative qualities are particularly relevant. The nature-inspired references evoke a sense of calm, the use of patterns, textures and colours found in the natural ecosystem, create a visual that promotes wellbeing.

The collection features seven related patterns, including: Observe, Observe Colour, Respond, Respond Colour, Transform, Transform Colour and Endless. 

The textures, colour palette and patterns work together as a holistic system, with references to the infinite variation and irregularity found in nature. This system-led regenerative design influences the organic and textural aesthetics of the collection.

The collection offers a variety of solutions, featuring a range of scale and colours that allow designers the flexibility and freedom to develop an infinite number of combinations and variations. The modular format opens opportunities to merge patterns and colour gradations, which can be used for zoning and defining the functionality of each space. From heads-down, quiet settings to communal areas, the visual cues of Living Systems serve as beneficial means of communication.

Tiles can be installed in a variety of formats including ashlar, brick, monolithic, stagger and herringbone. The collection is made in the UK for the EMEA market at Shaw Contract’s manufacturing facilities in Scotland.

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