The Architecture of Colour and Light

Colour and light are fundamental to our experience of architecture. Without the interplay of colour and light, architecture lacks purpose and life. It is black and white, pencil marks and building materials. With colour foundation you can turn your concepts into reality. Helping designers achieve both harmony and interest in a space, colour foundation celebrates the interplay of colour, light and shape.

There are almost limitless possibilities when you are designing a space. Designers look for options in today's commercial workplace to breathe energy and personality into spaces. With a specially selected palette of colours to choose from, and two shapes which can work in unison, colour foundation offers designers options to enhance today's evolving commercial interiors and realise great designs.

The subtle nuances of colour inspire us outside and inside buildings. Using colour foundation's 24 colours designers can choose and easily combine bright shades with neutral tones. Bring in soft, brighter tones so they feel clean and crisp. Choose tonal combinations for a subtle look. Dial the colour up or down. "Everyone loves to use colour in a corporate environment and it makes a space feel more interesting and gives you flexibility in open plan spaces," Marcy Ewing, Director of Global Design at Shaw Contract

Designed to work in unison, colour square and colour rectangle provide design flexibility to flooring layouts. Shapes form out of shapes with exciting results. Add colour combinations too and create distinctive commercial interiors that create a connection.

Interested in learning more about today’s colour trends and palettes? Our new RIBA-approved CPD is now available. The ColourConnect forecast explores how we use design to connect with our communities, the earth and ourselves - all through the lens of colour.

To learn more about ColourConnect, click here or contact us to book a CPD presentation.