Colour themes - Teal


The colour known as teal is a blue-green shade. Its name comes from that of a bird, the Eurasian teal, which has a similarly coloured stripe on its head. How do you interpret teal as a colour in an interior - is it blue-green or green-blue?

How this shade is used and which part of the blue-green spectrum it occupies will often depend on how you are using this colour within an overall colour palette combination.

Teal offers you options for interiors with the impact that either blue or green can make. And it is said that using teal in your interior scheme can aid communication and clarity of thought. It is a colour that can recharge the spirits and as a rich, bold hue is often used as an accent colour.

Teal’s complementary colour on the colour wheel is coral (see our article Colour themes - Orange). The pairing of these opposites can create a bold and dramatic look.

However in many commercial interiors teal is usually paired with mid grey or natural tones and with white. This is because this colour, like turquoise, is associated with the colours of the sea. You can create a light, bright sense of space, which also feels connected to nature and is calming.

In our specially curated colour palette you can see how our Design Manager EMEA, Kerry Deffley, has chosen a range of our carpet tile and LVT products made and stocked in the UK, drawing inspiration from the colour teal.

It features:

  • Dye Lab in colour Woad
  • Transform Colour in colour Calm Oceans
  • Respond Colour in colour Calm Oceans
  • Complement in colours Lagoon and Jade
  • Pixel Rectangle in colours Aqua and Seaglass
  • Convene in colour Vivid Network
  • Establish in colour Vivid
  • Complemented by LVT options: Loch in Cement, and Inlet Thistle and Nestle.


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