Interest in Health and Well Being in the Workplace ? 

The concept of sustainability is constantly evolving, particularly within the built environment.
Companies are dedicating more resources than ever to enhance the health and well-being of their employees. This shift in priorities has led to a growing interest in the WELL Building Standard, which is creating healthier workspaces centered on the people who use them.
At Shaw Contract, we are often asked about what role our products play in contributing to the WELL Building Standard.
Our commitment is to design and manufacture products that not only meet the aesthetic and functional needs of modern workspaces but also significantly contribute to a healthier, more sustainable work environment for everyone.

What is the WELL Building Standard?

WELL is the world’s leading standard that focuses on advancing people’s health and well-being with a library of holistic, evidence-based strategies applicable across buildings, organisations and communities.

The WELL Building Standard® measures, certifies, and monitors the performance of building features that impact health & well-being.

 Developed over 10 years and backed by the latest scientific research, The International WELL Building Institute™ outlines key building-level interventions and organisational strategies across 10 concept areas.


Flooring and WELL

Flooring covers a substantial area in the building environment and can contribute to environmental certification credits. Our sustainable philosophies complement several areas within the ten concepts identified in the WELL Building Standard®.
Since the standard is based on occupants’ experiences, flooring can facilitate meaningful experiences and please the senses. From inspiring  design, great acoustics and material health, Shaw Contract flooring products can help project teams to reinvent a space for each user.

Works with Well

EcoWorx S® and EcoWorx® carpet tiles are the first flooring products to earn the Works with Well license from the International WELL Building Institute.
Both carpet tiles align with the Materials Concept of the WELL Building Certification, indicating that these products can contribute to earning points toward WELL building certification credits.

EcoWorx S® and EcoWorx® align in the Material Concept of the following Well Building Certification features.


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Discover our EcoWorx S® and EcoWorx® carpet tiles collections, aligned with the WELL Building Standard and proudly endorsed by Works With WELL. These collections are tailored to foster environments that emphasise health and productivity.


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WELL Equity Rating

Shaw is also pursuing the WELL Equity Rating, which was designed to help organizations act on their diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and accessibility goals and improve company culture and employee health and well-being.
The strategies in the WELL Equity Rating are drawn from those in the WELL Standard and have been selected to help organizations prioritize and implement equitable policies, programs and design interventions for the most marginalized people.

How Do Our Products Contribute?

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