TaskWorx® is the most cost-efficient backing system in the market with one of the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential). As a waste material, polymer modified bitumen is less energy intensive to manufacture into a carpet tile backing than other materials.  

Why specify our TaskWorx® carpet tiles? 

✓      TaskWorx® provides ingredient transparency through Cradle to Cradle Certification™ at the Bronze Level.
✓     It utilises waste raw material and 100% recycled content filler. 
✓     Tiles with TaskWorx® backing are made in our carbon neutral facility in Scotland to meet the EMEA market demand.
✓     TaskWorx® can be specified with EcoSolutionQ100 our 100% recycled content yarn which optimises for low embodied carbon and carbon neutrality.
✓     Indoor Air Comfort Gold® certified for low emitting products, demonstrating a focus for quality and contribution to healthier indoor environment.
✓     15 warranty & environmental guarantee.
✓     Embodied Carbon (EPD Calculation A1-A3) 3.58 kg CO2 e/m2
✓     24-26bd sound impact
✓     Works with MagTabs and TAB-IT


Takeback Scheme

TaskWorx™ products are part of our Re[TURN] reclamation programme.   

TaskWorx Construction

TaskWorx® is our standard, cost effective high-performance polymer modified bitumen backing designed for enhanced durability and to perform in high-traffic environments.  


TaskWorx Tile

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