Return to Work

Human beings are eminently adaptive. Our ability to think creatively and imagine new solutions is a big part of that. And today, our adaptability is being challenged every day in ways we never thought possible.

Starting from the Ground Up

Almost overnight, many of us left our shared offices and workspaces and hunkered down at home. We became cooks and bakers, teachers and barbers, entertainers and dog walkers, all while reinventing the way we work, connect and create. Just as WFH shaped a new normal at home, returning to work post-COVID will create a new normal in the workplace.

As we prepare to return to our workplaces, we’re among those planning back-to-work strategies and protocols to ensure employees' safety and well-being. In it are some design ideas and considerations that support many of the established recommendations for returning to the workplace. We’ll continue to communicate and share with you as things evolve.

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