Global Design Dialogue

Our Shaw Contract Global Design Dialogue series is here to help us understand how we all can design to be Human Centric, Insight Led and Optimistic.

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Design inspiration is really like two sides of a coin. One side is like a mirror that reflects your client's expectations within a context. The other side reflects your own design sensibility. Every designer is born with their own frequency which he needs to tap to be original.

Vistasp Bhagwagar | India

British and European designers have a forward thinking approach to sustainability that passionately combines local knowledge, history, craft and community. Revival of traditional techniques, referencing local products and solutions is really strong. That has become our trademark. 

Monika Swindells | UK


My favorite colour to design is black, always. It is a very elegant, contrasting colour, it combines with everything, it highlights what you want to highlight, it is sexy,  goes with everything, it can also be romantic and allows us to play with the spaces. Always black for me.

Natasha Osman | mo-os

I like outside colors and inside colors. So if I'm outside, my absolute favorite color is the color of the sky. Just after sunset, again, in my culture, it's called the gloaming. So the sky turns kind of this electric blue and there's a little purple in it. It's just electric and it's really fantastic.

And my other favorite outside color is the color of the deep end of my pool. It's just incredible, aqua. And I know if I'm seeing that, I'm probably a really happy camper.

Kara MacGregor | MAC Interior Design


The emotional changes that go through six months of the year when it's below minus 20 is insane, but also locality is more than what your Province looks like. It's really what your surroundings do to shape the people within the Province itself

Nicole Kell | StudioEn


Human Connection

Our human-centered approach to service naturally combines with the goal to make a Smarter Impact for our clients in all that we do.