This year’s summer event at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. promises to be airy, fun and nostalgic. The Lawn 2019 Summer Block Party installation at the National Building Museum was designed by LAB at Rockwell Group and features interactive elements, games, community activities in summertime surroundings in one of D.C.’s most prominent institutions.


Lawn allows guests to unwind with quintessential summer activities while connecting to the design of the Museum. It features a vast, sloping green space built on a scaffolding superstructure. The green expanse is set on a graceful incline and dotted with clusters of communal lounging areas. Visitors can enjoy refreshments and lawn games like croquet, bocce ball, and dominoes. At the top of the lawn is a scaffolding tower that reaches the height of the Museum’s third floor, offering never-before-seen views of the Great Hall, column capitals, and sculptural busts lining the roof.


Rockwell Group is collaborating with Yessian Music, an award winning sound design studio to envelop the lawn in a soundscape of distilled audio elements that evoke time spent outdoors on a warm summer day: crickets chirping, bees buzzing, a lawnmower whirring in the distance. The centrepiece of the lounging areas are interactive hammocks suspended from the 100-foot-tall ceiling grid. The hammocks contain hidden speakers programmed with audio from prominent American storytellers, sharing summertime memories. These never-before-heard stories will highlight shared themes of community and placemaking, further immersing visitors into the feeling of summer. Featured storytellers include: Bette Midler, Venus Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Judah Friedlander, among others.

The cloud carpet pictured here is a custom Canvas product made especially for the exhibition.

LAWN is open to the public now through September 2, 2019.

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