Matching BCG’s brand standards, inch by inch

World-class flooring for a world-class consulting firm

The client

In the rarified world of management consulting BCG (Boston Consulting Group) is something of a legend. Its contributions to management thought and concepts like BCG Matrix have earned it pride of place in the pantheon of management strategy. With over 5500 Consultants across 90+ countries, India is an important location for BCG, both for talent and business opportunity.  

This case study is about Concept Consilio’s design plan for BCG’s new office at Mumbai and, the specific role of flooring design in conveying BCG’s brand ethos.

The need: Conveying BCG’s brand heritage through Mumbai’s spirit

BCG, through globally renowned and present in major cities of the world, takes great care to adapt itself to every city and country it operates in - in terms of look, offerings and attitude. This was specifically briefed to Concept Consilio, the design firm mandated with the project. As every creative practitioner knows, elegantly balancing two distinct requirements is always a challenge; a fact that Concept Consilio was well aware of.   

Execution: Infusing a local touch to a global brand

Mumbai is many things to as many people. It a melting pot in the real sense. High finance, business traditions, harsh weather, Bollywood and people come together to merge into a colourful and chaotic whole. The design team aimed to represent this spirit of Mumbai in BCG’s new office, and yet underline BCG’s top-class international standing. 

Seamlessness” was the design theme that the team finalized on.  This thought is driven right from the stage of space planning to allow a seamless overlap of collaboration spaces with focus areas while retaining the primary functionality of both. And the flooring in the collaboration spaces served as the platform to communicate this continuity.

The team chose Shaw Contract’s new Hexagon collection for the collaboration spaces - a series tailored for such environments. The six-sided tiles in 29 colors offer increased design potential compared to traditional square or rectangular tiles. The series is made from the company’s Eco Solution Q fiber, which features 45% recycled content.

Result: An environment to collaborate, work, walk, communicate and create

In a business ecosystem where brand reputation is everything, BCG’s new Mumbai office is a fresh marker of its standing in the management consulting business. The tactile experience of walking around in the office conveys the spirit of Mumbai as much it conveys BCG’s role as the pre-eminent advisor to company managements and governments the world over. 

Designer’s quote

“Concept Consilio believes in getting to the roots of every project and its location. We take great efforts to infuse strong local elements in our design so that the house or office looks like a genuine part of the environment".

- Vaibhav Pawar, Lead Designer, Concept Consilio India

Boston Consulting Group, Mumbai, India

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