Case study - Nordic LVT, Canopy, Kindred, Color Frame collections 

Brand identity and interior design of an MNC office

The client is a fast-growing IT multi-national corporation with multiple development centers across India. The latest one is in Bangalore, the subject of this case profile. 

While the centers are geographically dispersed, each had to have its unique identity while following the standard brand guidelines.


The Nordic Collection

Design insight: How to achieve seamlessness between workspaces?


One of the design requirements of the project was that the transition between workspaces had to be seamless.

The interior design plan had to be done literally from the ground up, starting with the flooring being the starting point.

The scope of the project was large with a few 100 seats, along with attendant facilities like cabins, conference rooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, and so on. 

The design firm - RSP India - was familiar with the client’s expectations having worked with it in the past. The design team re-imagined the space completely from the ground up .

As seamless transition across spaces was the primary floor requirement, design team chose Nordic LVT with the Honey colour.



Nordic: For seamless transition with carpet tiles

At 5mm thick, Nordic can be used seamlessly with most carpet tiles without the need of a transition strip.

The loose lay optional backing allows for installation over raised access flooring along with a variety of installation methods.

Nordic combines commercial durability with the timeless appeal of Nordic design in a collection of 14 wood visuals.

The collection was deployed for the corridor and transition spaces, while customised carpet tiles were used for the workspaces.

Nordic 4377V is a heavy Commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with fiberglass that provides rugged stability and a seamless transition across spaces. 


Canopy, Kindred, and Color Frame collections complete the picture

For the tiles section of the space, the design firm deployed Color Frame, Canopy and Kindred collections.

The diverse colour palette provided dimensionality to the place. These additions provided a warm and holistic experience for the workplace, promoting a connection to nature and the natural world. Nordic LVT was used for transition spaces which gave the necessary holistic and composed look to the floor design. 

The Result! A stunning office space that promotes well-being, creativity, and productivity. The design is unique, yet completely faithful to the client's brand guidelines, and committed to sustainability demands.

The Kindred Collection

Designed to evoke feeling and personal connection, Kindred demonstrates growth within a space equivalent to that experienced by those functioning within it.

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