Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Living Systems and Vertical Layers. Designed by Studio 99 Design Cell.

Healthy floor tiles for a healthier workspace

Mumbai, India.



A workplace has to be primarily productive.

Other aspects like a happy ambience, environmental responsibility, sustainability, and other aspects come later. It is rare for a client to insist on a workplace design that positions "health" above everything else.

The MNC client was seeking a like-minded design firm that could deliver a workspace that met its specific requirements and the design community was aware of the opportunity going around. Studio 99 Design Cell met up with the client. The sensibilities matched almost instantaneously.

For Studio 99, this wasn't just any other project, but a reaffirmation of its belief in designing spiritual, aesthetic, and functional dwellings.


Given its vast experience, Studio 99 is very aware of the role of sustainable floor tiles in the overall interior design of a workspace.

The design firm narrowed down on Shaw Contract as the brand met the client's strict conditions on sustainability, colour, and material usage. Two collections - Living Systems and Vertical Layers - were chosen.

Studio 99 finalised Shaw Contract as its products met the following parameters:

1. Indoor air quality: Shaw Contract floor tiles are low-emission. They help create a healthier workspace by reducing the potential for respiratory issues and allergies.


2. Variety of colours: Studio 99 identified light-colored carpet tiles as they have high reflectance that helps optimize natural and artificial lighting. This reduces the need for excessive artificial lighting and thus saves energy.

3. Sustainable and eco-friendly: Many of Shaw Contract's tile collections are made from recycled materials or renewable resources. This reduces reliance on virgin materials and minimizes waste generation.


5. Replaceable tiles: Carpet tiles (unlike broadloom carpets) allows for easier replacement of only the damaged sections, ensuring efficient maintenance and reduction of waste.

The facility, named DC 8 (one of the many India centers of the MNC), shows how a determined client along with a like-minded design partner can create a workplace that meets professional requirements and is also a contemporary, environment-friendly classic.

• Interior Design firm: Studio 99 Design Cell

• Project Location: Mumbai, India