Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Vertical Layers and Living Systems. Designed by Studio Chintala.

Heritage city as design inspiration for a vibrant workspace

Baroda, India.



The client is a multinational with operations in 100+ countries. It offers solutions in data and market measurement. The company has offices in major metros of India and its latest outpost is in Baroda, an important city in Gujarat, India. 

Baroda's importance is far deeper. The city carries a deep cultural and educational significance, and has moulded India's artistic trajectory since many decades.   

It was this aspect of artistic depth that the client wanted to capture in the new office. It had to authentically embody the vibrant essence and rich heritage of Baroda.


The Design Concept

Studio Chintala has made a name in the industry for its ability to translate a client's soft expectations into tangible living spaces while staying true to the geographical essence of a location.

The design team, led by Diwakar Chintala, first studied the project in its entirety - the need, the aesthetic and functional requirements, the heritage value of the location, and finally the people who would be using the space.

The client's employee (users) profile covered a diverse and dynamic range – from young graduates to working mothers, and veterans. The proposed workspace had to cater to their individual needs, and yet provide a perfectly conducive environment for productivity.


Floor design

Studio Chintala adopted a collaborative approach to the project. The team spoke with many people involved - users and decision makers – and noted down their valuable inputs.

Once the inputs were clear, the team worked together and arrived at a plan that factored in Baroda as a crucial design element.

The team chose Vertical Layers and Living Systems from Shaw Contract's portfolio considering the texture, colour and utility the project demanded.


Diversity was embedded into the design plan. The plan ensured that each user group got what it needed. For instance, young mothers had easy access to the daycare center for kids – a joyous hub of activity painted with vibrant hues while making maximum use of natural light.

In conclusion, the new workspace is a harmonious and productive environment. The visually captivating aesthetic depicts the organization's values and aspirations while staying rooted in Baroda's heritage.

• Design: Studio Chintala

• Project Location: Baroda, India