Shaw Contract Design Awards 2023: Featuring Campus, Community, and Living Systems collection. By Oculus Design Studio.

Reframing the Urban Node concept into a hyperconnected office.

 Bangalore, India



The client: Multinational electronics components manufacturer

The MNC client had taken up an existing 15-year-old office facility that was out of use since the Covid years.

The assignment for Oculus Design Studio was to recast this facility into a state-of-the-art workspace while reusing as much of the existing materials.

The client – an American Swiss-domiciled technology company that manufactures connectors and sensors has a strong belief in the power of design and expects the same in the new facility in Bangalore.


Design story: Reframing the Urban Node

For Oculus, this was an enticing project as the client’s objectives aligned with its leading-by-design philosophy.

The brief was clear – develop a space where its employees could collaborate, innovate, re-invent, connect, and also chill out – all in a well-integrated and seamless layout.

The design team, well-grounded in the language of 4D principles (Discover, Define, Design, Deliver), brainstormed on the project requirements.

The thinking sessions eventually led the team to the idea of adapting the concept of the Urban Node but reframed in a smaller, enclosed space.

Unrestricted accessibility, which is the primary requirement of an Unban Node, had to be ensured in the new facility.

The design had to ensure convenient and visible access to activity centers that included collaboration zones, workspaces, creative zones, lounges, and chill-out spaces.


Execution: Distilling the essence 

Once the concept was accepted and finalized by the design team, it was all a matter of delineating the raw space into specific activity centers that created the appropriate visual, tactile, and sensory experiences.

For the flooring requirements, the design team chose a variety of styles and colours from Shaw Contract’s Campus, Community, and Living Systems collections.

The flooring tiles provided the necessary underfoot comfort and the right visual cues to the different activity zones in the new office.

Shaw Contract's sustainable manufacturing practices also aligned with the design firm's focus.


Net result: Upcycling to a trendy new workspace

The new office reflects the evolution of the office into an attractive space that flits between home and work, and work and recreation, seamlessly.

It is also a tribute to the client’s belief in environmental responsibility with the team reusing over 95% of the existing materials and fittings in the new facility.

The aesthetic new look of the office is a testament to the power of design in the true sense.

• Design: Oculus Design Studio

• Project Location: Bangalore, India