Shaw Contract Showroom Shanghai, WELL Certified


The definition of sustainability is continually being stretched, especially for the built environment. Increasingly, companies are investing more resources into the health and well-being of their employees.

We’re frequently asked how Shaw Contract products contribute to the WELL Building Standard focusing on people and healthy workspaces.

What is the WELL Building Standard?

The WELL Building Standard® measures, certifies, and monitors the performance of building features that impact health and well-being. The International WELL Building Institute™ upholds the standard, which operates around ten concepts. 

The 10 Concepts of WELL v2

Ensures high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime.

Covers aspects of the quality, distribution and control of liquid water in a building.

Encourages the creation of healthy food environments.

Promotes exposure to light and aims to create lighting environments that are optimal for visual, mental and biological health.

Promotes movement, physical activity and active living and discourages sedentary behaviours.

Ensures a maximum level of thermal comfort among all building users.

Identification and mitigation of acoustical comfort parameters that shape occupant experiences.

Reduce human exposure to hazardous building material ingredients.

Promotes mental health through policy, program and design strategies.

Support access to essential healthcare, workplace health promotion and accommodations for new parents.

Flooring and WELL

Flooring covers a substantial area in the building environment and can contribute to environmental credits. Our sustainable philosophies complement several areas within the ten concepts identified in the WELL Building Standard®.

Since the standard is based on occupants’ experiences, flooring can facilitate meaningful experiences and please the senses. From beauty of design, to acoustics, to safe ingredients, Shaw Contract's flooring products can help a project manager reinvent a space’s experience.


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