Designed as a quick and easy system, SelectOFFICE offers an array of quick ship, in stock and running line products that combine our design and segment expertise to solve your need for high-performing, budget-driven choices. Thoughtfully curated into three market-ready, color-coordinated palettes for maximum design and flexibility.

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SelectOFFICE Palette Offering

Curated Designs to Make Life Easier

This palette of soft greys brings a sense of calm and sophistication, while organic textures like weathered stone and natural wood add a touch of nature to the surroundings. 

This palette of dark greys ushers in a sense of tailored elegance and introduces a level of sophistication, complemented by elements like aged stone and natural woods that infuse a hint of the outdoors into the environment.

This palette offers a calming blend of beige and grey combined to evoke the warmth and comforts of home. Textured elements inspired by nature are thoughtfully incorporated to add a touch of the outdoors, creating a harmonious balance on space.

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Experience fast, dependable service with 2,500 sq. yards of carpet tile shipping within two weeks of placing an order.

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Discover the exceptional strength and captivating beauty of our tile + stone collection. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and daily wear and tear, it’s the perfect addition to your commercial space.

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