Dye Lab

Adhesive & Epoxy

We offer a variety of adhesive and epoxy products to maximize your floor's lifetime and beauty. Each adhesive we carry has a recommended use with specific product types, depending on your installation needs. See below for our comprehensive line of adhesive and epoxy products.

Cove Base Adhesive
Rubber Base Adhesive
LokWorx+ Broadloom Adhesive
LokWorx EcoWorx Broadloom Adhesive
3800 Adhesive
4000 Adhesive
4151 Adhesive
8300 Seam Sealer
UnGlu’d Specification
4151 Adhesive
LokWorx Carpet Tile Adhesive
LokWorx+ Carpet Tile Adhesive
LokWorx Adhesive Tabs
UnGlu’d Specification
Shaw QuikFill Concrete Filler
9050 PH Blocker/Floor Primer
UnGlu’d Specification
35 MC
4151 Adhesive
LokWorx Resilient Adhesive
LokWorx+ Resilient Adhesive
LokWorx Multi-Use 3-N-1 Ultra Adhesive
MS Resilient Adhesive
S150 Adhesive
Uzin 2000 S Adhesive
UnGlu’d Specification

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