A Palette of Possibilities

Market Ready Flooring Solutions


This cool scheme delivers the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality with In Sync carpet tile styles Correspond, Companion and Partner at its core.

This palette envelops a space in warmth, pairing carpet tile and broadloom with resilient solutions to define spaces without walls.

With options as unique as your workspace, colors like Golden Gate, Blue Belle, Reflection, and Mountain View create an eye-catching statement.

A cooling palette of blues wash the work space, evoking a sense of calm and serenity. Here organic textures and patterns merge to redefine the workspace.

Glassy shades of green and rich patina intersperse with bold pops of color, bringing a memorable atmosphere to large and small spaces in the modern office.

Bold, playful undercurrents of red and orange energize this palette, promoting group collaboration and interaction in the office space.

Extended Cool Palette

Extended Warm Palette

Extended Black Palette

Extended Blue Palette

Extended Aqua Palette

Extended Red Palette