Ellucian, the leader in higher education technology, provides the software and services institutions need to help students succeed. With more than 2,500 institutions around the world, Ellucian serves 18 million students every day. Ellucian's new headquarters positions the company alongside other technology and business leaders in the growing Dulles Technology Corridor. Delegate Ken Plum expressed how the addition of the leading global software company in higher education to the Dulles Technology Corridor will further Ellucian's growth, as the area grows as well.

The new office draws inspiration from the Universities they serve, "a design where employees can walk in the shoes of their customers." This 100% open workplace draws people through a magnetic landscape that is inspired by a campus with design elements that nod to features of the collegiate experience. This landscape transforms a dynamic workplace that centers around two unique two-story experiences that take advantage of non-linear movement through three floors. Shaw’s flooring reinforces the changing landscape through a diverse palette of colors and textures. In an open environment, the floor plane becomes a very important design feature. Shaw’s Alchemy and Grounded carpets enhance the strong angular directions of the building and create an organized plan within a dynamic space. Ellucian's new space has allowed them to better tell their story and attract new talent. As the client's CEO Jeff Ray said, "this headquarters matches the energy and excitement the employees bring to work every day."

From the moment you step in, you're deeply immersed in Ellucian's open and energetic culture. The first two-story space is a client-facing experience that serves as a global beacon for their headquarters. Located at the main entrance, this area acts a community hub or "energy core," connecting a multipurpose room with the coffee bar. To bring people together, a typography stadium provides the opportunity to interact with clients and share new products. The second two-story hub is a staff-facing experience that represents a student's eclectic social life and personal identity outside of the classroom.

A double height "scholars house" and spiral stair anchors the space with amenities like foosball, shuffleboard and tufted lounge seating. The Quad, the main pantry area is a place for socialization and retreat from everyday work. A centralized picnic table grounded by a stenciled floor and graphic glass nooks provide opportunities of choice. The overall space reflects the greenery of the campus quad. Ellucian's workplace celebrates their open and transparent culture with flexibility that promotes connections among its employees. With palatable positive energy, the fun and vibrant environment balances a completely open workstation layout with an unprecedented amount of collaborative seating.

Each neighborhood is defined by colored baffles that provide acoustics and wayfinding through a large floorplate. From sit-stand workstations to nearly every type of ancillary seating available, employees are empowered with choice on how they work. They are equipped with tools like whiteboards, seamlessly integrated technology, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms of various sizes. In order to make this new vision for their office, many staff were involved throughout the process. Ellucian President and CEO said, "From the chairs to the desks to the names of the conference rooms, our employees were involved in every step along the planning process, so we know this facility matches the energy and excitement they bring to work every day.”


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