Jones Soda Co. Global Headquarters

Jones Soda Company’s new corporate headquarters needed to serve as both a marketing tool and office space. Jones has a bright, youthful brand, so their headquarters needed to be fun and colorful without being over-stimulating to employees. The limited budget mandated that every design element be deliberate and functional. To achieve both objectives measured use of their soda’s vibrant and dynamic color pallet became the guiding principle of the design. Passersby are immediately drawn in by the color and motion of a large projection wall that is on an ever-changing loop. This allows Jones to simply and cost-effectively feature their newest products and provide drama to the entry. The limited numbers of built-in elements feature displays of repetitive soda bottles that begin to tell the color story. The front desk and “soda museum” wall were designed to be easily and regularly changed as the brand and soda flavors evolve. The black and white Jones Soda label inspired the selection of the main flooring which grounds the spaces. Then, the brightest soda colors were used to put a Jones-spin on the space. The use of color was highly regimented to ensure the space didn’t feel heavy or over-done. The predominant color is bright pink (based on Fufu Berry flavor) that starts at the 10’ elevation and continues up to the high ceiling. Then layers of color were placed in select areas to accent the sense of fun rather than make you feel overrun by color.


Seattle, Washington, USA

Design Firm

Ankrom Moisan Architects





Products Used

overlay tile
colour plank tile


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