Masivo Capital

The project had to accomplish two main aspects that in design level marked the zoning and the overall functioning. We had to locate in the same space the general Control Center, an area with all the technology for monitoring the transportation system by zones in Bogotá, and also locate the administrative offices in the same space. Due is a new company in the market, the image they wanted to transmit to their client and employees had to be innovator. Because is a company of the transport sector we had to be very careful with the design of the image. From the access and the reception, the visitor is welcomed by large format images from Bogotá city, also a large blueprint of the city that acts as a texture in a wall and indicates the zones where the transportation system operates. Through the offices it is appreciated the color managing, that integrates the colors of Bogotá City (Yellow and Red). We opted for orange in the glass panels divisions, the carpet also contains colors of this range. The furniture was designed with very light colors so the bright color accents were highlighted. The offices are mostly open space, only general management office is enclosed and colors were included in furniture and finishes. In the branding and image, the central concept was roads and urban paths of the neighborhoods the system crosses and some images of the city that shows the history and development of transportation system among the years. The open space improves the conditions for workers in terms of lighting and environmental solutions.


  • 2013 Design Awards Market Winner


Bogota, Colombia

Design Firm

HGC Arquitectos


  Small Office


Diffuse and Disperse

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diffuse tile

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