Mercedes Me

Mercedes Me Melbourne is one of seven concept stores globally. Occupying a highly prominent position in an area of the city currently undergoing extensive regeneration, the design needed to capture this shift and provide a focal point for the surrounding precinct. Part of an extensive Rialto redevelopment, its design responds to a multi-faceted brief focused on creating a space that would enable Mercedes-Benz to engage with a younger and more diverse demographic.

The space also needed to showcase Mercedes-Benz’s active role in Melbourne’s festival and events landscape through a wide-ranging program of events. Another aim was to engage with Melbourne’s thriving artisan community through talks and workshops. Emerging from the brief came the idea of the home. For many Melburnians, the local cafe is an extension of their lounge room: a home being a place where everyone finds their place. The design accordingly evolved into a series of spatial sequences differing in size and character. The Living Room, situated at ground level, features an open-plan kitchen, dining tables, leather banquettes and is skirted by an open-air garden linking to the street. Sculptured stairs linking private booths lead up to an espresso bar, floating loft and library which offers an open collaborative space. A plinth leads to the Drawing Room and Meet the Maker space where artisans showcase their work.

Aesthetically inspired by the fine steel¬work of Mercedes-Benz factories of the 1940s, the gesture of the frame became an element to wrap around and unify the space: it becomes the balustrade, lighting frame and joinery. From day into night, a curtain wraps around the inner framed volume and transforms it into an event area, a stage, the centrepiece of which is the car. The choice of Modern Edit for the flooring to the library and drawing room spaces adds texture, warmth and residential sophistication to these spaces. It softens the steelwork and compliments the timber detailing, creating an atmosphere to inspire Mercedes Me guests and staff in a timeless manner.

A key aspect of the brief was to provide Mercedes Me with a "local flavour"; that is to imbue the design with a distinctly Melbourne sensibility. This was achieved through devising a clever series of spatial sequences ranging in size and character; visitors can choose communal or individual nooks depending on their mood or preference. A refined palette of leather, limestone, polished concrete, timber and steel also speaks to a discerning clientele of Melburnians already familiar with Mercedes-Benz's reputation for fine design.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Design Firm

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects


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  • Awards/Certifications

    2018 Design Award Final Winner