By consolidating several local offices into one location, Sapient strategically designed 54,000 square feet of contiguous office space for an advertising agency adjacent to its largest local competitor, in the heart of historic Coconut Grove.

The objective: provide a space to engage staff and visitors, while creating a buzz of activity throughout the office. Here is a work environment that elegantly reflects Sapient’s raw culture. The design team juxtaposed a modern aesthetic against rough, reclaimed elements within a unique decorative relief concrete structure. The sprawling, dynamic work environment is easily navigated along the Main Street corridor, which guides visitors through neighborhoods of work zones, collaboration areas and creative hubs of activity.

The grand entry, featuring a red glass vestibule and dramatic atrium lobby, is strategically located to embrace the surrounding Coconut Grove community. The finished space reflects the local brand and culture, fostering the creative energy of this team to propel their business forward.
During the initial programming sessions, it was determined that one of the project goals was to identify an established tour route within the new office space. The Miami team of digital creatives now enjoy the ability to showcase work to guests, while providing a glimpse of the creative process. To accomplish this, the design team concepted a “Main Street” corridor to guide visitors through neighborhoods of work zones, collaboration areas, and breakout hubs for groups. This concept is supported through a combination of ceiling and flooring elements.

The tour experience for visitors is presented as an exclusive view of product development and showcases the work process. The greatest project challenge was transforming a raw parking structure and several former retail bays into a clean envelope for a high-end office space.  Embracing the distinctive texture of the envelope as an integral component of the design solution helped make the overall design a success. 

As visitors travel from the large entry space into the work zone, the carpet leads visitors through the tour experience. While the majority of carpet features a dynamic large-scale angled stripe, pattern is interrupted by a bright red and smaller teal stripe to create a linear circulation path through the open office. By following the colorful floor path, visitors will experience an exclusive showcase of the brand’s innovative culture paired with  a view of the local Miami neighborhood.

Sapient's regional Miami office identified sustainability goals during the building selection process. Rather than selecting a typical “Class A” office space, the company chose to occupy a former parking structure and several vacant retail bays. Through adaptive reuse, unoccupied spaces are re-purposed and wrapped into a new building envelope.

The design team faced a number of challenges given the scale and complexity of the 54,000 square-foot,  multi-phase project. Embracing the building’s unique interior details and viewing challenge as design opportunities breathed new life into the space.. The resulting design combines a sleek modern aesthetic with reclaimed wood panels and an ornamental concrete structure. This design approach was used throughout the building interior as well as the exterior. The distinctive texture combines original facade with complementary, modern glazing. A glowing, red glass entry vestibule provides transparency and connects to the surrounding Coconut Grove community.

Here, adaptive reuse preserves the unique architecture of Miami, while creating a buzzworthy office space that engages the local community and raises the Sapient's presence locally.


Miami, Florida, USA

Design Firm

IA Interior Architects


  • Large Office
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    On The Edge

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    2016 Design Award Category Winner