Showroom Multicarpet Rollux

The MULTICARPET and ROLLUX Showroom combines the showroom spaces with the specification area and product sales offices. The firm was tasked with integrating the work and showroom spaces in order to keep the client relationship at the forefront. The design of the space supports ROLLUX and MULTICARPET’S intention to support architects select the best materials and solutions for each individual project, by working together in a system similar to an architecture and design workshop.                                                                                              
The project team selected carpet tile from Shaw Contract's Dye Lab collection for its original, eye-catching aesthetic.  The design team wanted a product that will stand out while still usinga neutral color palette and natural materials found in the rest of the building: cement, steel and natural wood.



Santiago, Chile

Design Firm



  • Midsize Office
  • Collection


    Products Used

    dye lab
    haze tile


    2015 Design Award Final Winner