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We were able to walk into a space that had been un-leasable and see the opportunity that was presented by tearing away the layers of tired TIs. Within the resulting raw, exposed shell we inserted highly refined meeting pods which include new building technologies to meet the client's high STC requirements. Aside from solving the acoustic requirements (no small task) one of our largest design challenges was creating an open space that was easy to navigate by the international transient population was a large challenge (from a space planning perspective). We use a central pathway system to orient users and alternated the carpet install at this location to provide a subtle indication of path of travel. We are particularly proud of our work on the pods. Using everyday materials from the birch plywood to industrial grade felt panels (to reduce echo in the phone booths) we were able to construct a pod that met all of the acoustic requirements, is structurally self-supported, and looks pretty cool. Our client loves their new home. We did a tremendous amount of workplace research and user group research and each space is designed to fit the way that our client works. The variety of environments supports their Agile Thinking philosophy. We resisted kitsch.


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