Western Kentucky University - Ogden College Hall

The fundamental design driver for this project was the idea of putting “Science on Display” throughout the building. Building occupants wanted far more than display cabinets to showcase research. They wanted the design of the building itself to reflect core scientific concepts, reinforce the curriculum being taught within its walls and inspire scientific thinking. The Hexagon Tile plays a critical role in this theme. Its shape is considered sacred by the chemistry, biology and physics departments housed in this building and its vibrant color inspires creative thinking.

The design concept behind this project was to display traditional scientific elements in a way that felt new and exciting in order to engage as many students as possible. The Hexagon Tile played beautifully into this concept and was so well-received by the end users that they requested to use it in as many areas as possible.


Bowling Green, USA

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RossTarrant Architects


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    2018 Design Award Final Winner