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Design is an investment in the future. Beehive Holdings Inc. is a new start-up Venture Capital firm focused on investment in technology based companies led or owned by entrepreneurial women. Women owned or led firms are the fastest growing sector, growing at five times the rate of all new firms between 1997 and 2006 – now representing nearly 50% of all privately held businesses and more than ever before influencing the face of business. The design of Beehive Holdings space reflects the energy, connections, and collaboration of starting a new business. The 6,000 sq. ft project breathed new life into an poorly maintained 1959 modernist building and embodies the client's mantra to investment in the future.

Design excellence is represented by the openness of the studio to allow for enhanced communication, the sharing of knowledge, creation of informal spaces to support business design thinking with the use of flexible communication tools.

The biggest challenge on the project was to maximize a sense of openness, and natural light to create as much volume and height as possible to counteract the physical characteristics limitations of the building. The building has an extremely low floor to floor height of 10'-0", with large timber beams 8'-0" to the underside. There were also no windows on the longest west elevation of the building, with large overhangs on the East elevation. Exposing the mechanical in an open ceiling in the studio area, allowed for 10'-0 ceiling to be maintained. Indirect lighting, and cove lighting placement also enhances the illusion of additional ceiling height. Transparency of the office glass partitions, and glass lites in the doors allows for natural light to penetrate deeper into the interior spaces. The use of open furniture and translucent partitions, also allow for more lightness in appearance.

The design concept is inspired by the energy, social networking connections, and collaborative efforts fundamental in today's business. The metaphor for the creation of energy, is represented by proton chains, neutrons & electrons. At very high energies, electron-proton collisions can produce other particles, and symbolizes the energy of the creation of new companies. Diagrammatically some proton chains can create honey comb formations. These honey comb formations became the inspiration for the team based collaborative open office configurations. The honey comb configurations also represent a collective, connections points, and networking of people. The 120 degree planning organized the workstations to create groupings of team members working on special start-up investment projects, and supports communication amongst the team. The colour palette is also derived from the concept of energy with the use of red to represent protons and blue to represent electrons. The open studio area allows for maximum interaction, flexibility, and access to collaborative tools directly adjacent to the workstations such as magnetic white boards, flexible seating, and technology.

The newly completed offices supports Beehive Holdings in their goal to invested in business, attract opportunities to invest new ventures, and empowering women in future businesses.


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