The architects from the firm were challenged to design a complex of spaces for different functions and purposes, to organize an understandable and comfortable structure and communication for various streams of visitors. When designing the interior, the architects sought to reflect the client’s logo. On each floor at the same place, there are white capsule meeting rooms which, when seen from the atrium, resemble three iconic stripes. At the same time, when seen while walking about the floor, they resemble a well-known trefoil. When designing the interior, the architects also sought to reflect the company’s focus on active lifestyle and love for sports. For example, this led to the idea with scooters: on each floor there are tracks and parking lots — anyone can use scooters to move about the office area. Also, this triggered the idea of a lighting pattern — a pattern of a traditional soccer ball. The central part of the office floor is active in colour and in function: small and large meeting rooms, furniture for individuals to work, areas for informal socializing and networking, coffee points. In addition to stationary workplaces, in the office there are temporary workplaces with high tables and ergonomic bar chairs. From the main lobby people can access two shops, and, without passing through turnstiles, to the reception room of the fitness centre. The BASE, a premium class fitness centre, is made in the loft style: open communications, large industrial fans, brutal and monochrome colours.

When creating design, the architects relied on the client’s corporate identity and logos. Thus, the basic colours and combinations arose: black with white and bright colour accents. Three office floors differ in colours: orange, green and blue. This facilitates navigation and creates its own unique mood and atmosphere on each floor. Colour accents are concentrated in the central part of the office zone and supported by the selected carpet tiles.


Moscow, Russian Federation

Design Firm

ABD architects


  • Large Office
  • Collection

    Light Series

    Products Used

    applied tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner

  • LEED Certified