Baptcare Wyndham Lodge

This residential senior living facility situated in Werribee, southwest of Melbourne, Australia, caters to a growing community of seniors seeking varying levels of residential accommodation and care. Working with the leading aged care provider, CHT Architects aimed to provide a home away from home for residents. The Shaw Contract floor choices represent a warm, domestic environment that meets the tastes and preferences of the local demographic with neutral tones and patterned in classic muted prints. With the client's desire to maximize high standards of sustainability across the facility, particular emphasis was placed on using green, clean products and incorporating high quality, durable materials. The client was reassured that resident health, environmental impact and lifespan of textiles were all prioritized in this project.


Werribee, Australia

Design Firm

CHT Architects


Senior Living
  • Senior Living Public Spaces
  • Collection

    New Simplicity

    Products Used

    entwine tile
    mesh tile