Barossa Valley Resort Convention Centre

The design concept is rich, dark and moody, evocative of a gritty advertising campaign for Barossa tourism. Strikingly lush floral carpet flows through the sumptuous pre-function foyer, representing the verdant terroir of the internationally renowned Barossa Valley wine region. The space is illuminated by pendant lights made from the metal straps of wine barrels, locally constructed by a wine barrel manufacturer who supplies local wineries. Timber slats on the walls and ceiling also add a sense of warmth and luxury throughout the conference centre. The design team worked Shaw Contract, communicating across the waters from Australia to America. This project had a restricted budget with ambitious hopes for refurbishment. Custom carpet was perfect for the task, due to cost, quality and delivery time. The impact of the carpet to the project is immediate and all encompassing, linking seamlessly areas in the Convention Centre that are inbound with those that have a visual connection to the beautiful Barossa Valley views.


Barossa Valley, Australia

Design Firm

Studio Tonic


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