Beeline Group

The design of this North American headquarters supports a collaborative way of working and celebrates the beauty of jewelry design. Beeline Group’s business philosophy is to be open and transparent, so it was important to create this environment in the workplace. Located in the heart of Midtown in an office tower on the 32nd floor, the office design celebrates the views of the city skyline, Stone Mountain, and the surrounding parks by the placement and framing of the spatial organization. The space is sculpted tofeel like a crafted piece of jewelry. The interior architecture takes on unique shapes and forms to replicate gems, facets, clasps, and chains. Hexagon carpet serves as a connecting element between spaces and concepts, emphasizing the Beeline Brand reference to bees and mimicking the angular and color elements in jewelry. Dye Lab tiles in small meeting rooms are similar to the color variations found in gems and stones. The new office design is statement piece for the organization.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Design Firm



  • Small Office
  • Collection

    Dye Lab

    Products Used

    dye lab
    plane hexagon
    bevel hexagon


    2015 Design Award Category Winner