Berman Commons

Nestled in a cozy neighborhood, Berman Commons is a truly exquisite hospitality venue offering Assisting Living and Memory Care resources. The newly constructed facility is a unique community providing residents with exceptional care, an enriched lifestyle and a vibrant place to call home. Custom carpet establishes a cohesive collection of patterns that set the tone for the entire building. Each space has a story and important purpose in the facility just as each carpet pattern has a purpose and an aesthetic to communicate. The rich color palette is inspired by the warm tones and textures found in stained wood, natural stones, and crystals. The pairing of playful and geometric patterns in the public and private dining rooms strikes an eclectic balance with the adjacent lobby, multi-purpose room, and resident corridors. In the lobby, a large-scale linear pattern is a vibrant compliment the grand scale of the crystal light fixtures which illuminate the space. Upon entering the building, the atmosphere of opulence is evident; creating a space that emits a homelike energy and a welcoming sense of community.


Dunwoody, Georgia, USA

Design Firm

THW Interiors


Senior Living
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  • Awards/Certifications

    2016 Design Award Final Winner