BP Footscray

Taking into consideration BP’s global design standards and requirements, this premise caters to local, everyday commuters and long-haul, commercial drivers. The station’s multiple access points and numerous Points of Sale ensure quick and efficient service, and a functional food and beverage area where patrons can take a break before hitting the road again. Because of high foot traffic, the durability of the floor covering is paramount. Crete LVT provides a modern finish similar to a polished concrete that’s durable and easy to maintain at a cost effective price point. Diffuse carpet tile softens the eating area and adds a welcoming touch to upstairs offices. And with environmental factors being central to BP stations, the Cradle to Cradle certification of Diffuse carpet tile is in line with BP’s environmental values. The overall design delivers speed and convenience, the hallmarks of a successful BP service station.


Melbourne, Australia

Design Firm

Rampage Properties Group


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    diffuse 24x24