British Council - Salitre Headquarters

The Shaw rug was one of the most important elements in the design. The transfer of colors is the conceptual focus of the project. And the rug is the means to achieve it. The rug’s visual impact, and the branding of the space, are the elements that really make the design extraordinary.

The project’s innovative solutions came about through the use of noble, simple materials that achieved a great impact. The acoustic solutions were key in the project’s development, because of their educational features. And the use of bioclimatics in the building provided solutions to minimize costs.

The project is a LEED-certified building, although the project did not seek LEED certification. The design standards of the British Council are focused on attaining minimum levels of sustainability without loss of functionality in the architecture program’s educational spaces.


Bogota, Colombia

Design Firm

Arquint Colombia


  • Higher Education
  • Collection

    Color Frame and Color Form
    Color At Work

    Products Used

    color form tile
    saturate tile
    duotone tile
    achromatic tile


    2017 Design Award Category Winner