Buckingham County Primary and Elementary Schools

A main design priority of the Buckingham project involved creating a school environment that inspires physical health as well as emotional and mental well-being, curiosity, and engagement. The designers drew from place-based research and color theory to develop a harmonious interior that appeals to children and adults. A calm, contemplative, cool background balances the colorful quality of active children, ample daylight, and bright, warm colors. Large-scale active design elements such as gathering spaces, stairs, and gymnasia foster a sense of community and openness by featuring kid-friendly colors, natural daylight, and sophisticated, sustainable lighting.

Shaw Contract carpet and flooring feature a refined, yet playful color palette that expresses surrounding natural contexts and inspires imagination and reflection throughout the school day. Carpeting helps demarcate between quiet individual learning stations and large group collaboration areas, a distinction which students and teachers enjoy. Indoors, reading nooks and study stations transform circulation pathways into learning streets. Outdoor gardens and walking paths provide active education spaces linked by foodscapes and ecological habitats. The holistic indoor-outdoor learning campus promotes integrated learning opportunities and fosters healthy, FoodSmart Kids®.


Dillwyn, Virginia, USA

Design Firm

VMDO Architects PC


  • K-12
  • Collection


    Products Used

    sketch tile
    tru colours tile
    mirror image tile
    prisma tile


    2014 Design Award Category Winner

  • LEED Certified