Casper College + UW Student Union

The most crucial goal for this new student union was to provide a gateway from the upper student plaza to the lower campus. Adding a layer of complexity, the design team was challenged with supporting the needs and brands of two different client entities, Casper College and the University of Wyoming, in the same facility. The new design provides an axis through the building, directing circulation flow across and throughout the space. An interior 4-story communicating stair provides a dynamic way-finding tool for understanding and navigating the campus, and extensive day lighting adds transparency throughout. Shaw Contract carpet in warm color tones and textures that relate to each client’s brand and reflect the cultural character of the local area. The linear aspect of the carpet also works to reinforce the unique angle across the floor plate, adding to the inviting and successful space for all.


Casper, Wyoming, USA

Design Firm

DLR Group


  • Higher Education
  • Collection

    On The Edge

    Products Used

    minimal tile
    vertical edge tile


    2015 Design Award Category Winner