Central DuPage Hospital - Cancer Center

The comprehensive nature of this outpatient cancer care center considers the physical, social and emotional well-being of patients and their families, with a building designed to support every aspect of that care. A two-story glass facade is the focal point from the exterior and interior. Three foot tall glass light fixtures dance over the grand staircase, sparkling at night, giving the exterior a jewel box effect. The interior is designed to help alleviate fear, stress and anxiety for the cancer patient and family. This was accomplished by creating a supportive environment that maximizes a patient's comfort and dignity. Through contrast of color, light, forms, and shapes, the building emphasizes the cutting edge technology of cancer treatment in relation to the softer, human-side of cancer care. Carpet is used throughout to reduce noise and create a sense of calmness, incorporating two patterns to differentiate circulation and private office spaces. Art and light contribute to the experience, providing positive distractions throughout, with recessed alcoves to accentuate the artworks and add a touch of hospitality. The lighting design adds an ambiance that uplifts the spirit and soothes the soul. Overall, this interior design elevates patient care through sensitivity to sound, light, place, and materiality.


Warrenville, Illinois, USA

Design Firm

RTKL Associates


  • Healthcare
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    Dressed To Kill

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    2012 Design Award Final Winner