D49 Falcon Virtual Academy

Transforming a 20,000 sf manufacturing warehouse into a focused and engaging education space that would foster innovation was the driving force for the design. In this blended learning environment, K-12 online students can congregate on projects or seek enrichment from teachers. The entire project is guided by design principles that include Zen modern and cultural connectivity, flexibility and family. In the large, open learning space, 18x36 carpet tiles define quiet zones and a lounge, aiding with acoustics and breaking up the rest of the flooring. The patterning and mix of the bold colors add to the overall look and feel of the space. The green, grey, orange and blue compliment the overall color scheme and lend to the linear nature of the design. In the administration area, new carpet was installed for a refresh of the finishes and to give a cohesive feel to the entire building. The school is a showpiece for the new focus of virtual learning that fosters creativity and pride for the students, faculty and staff that are a part of the school.


Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Design Firm

DLR Group


  • K-12
  • Collection

    On The Edge

    Products Used

    vertical edge tile
    merge tile


    2013 Design Award Category Winner