Element Restaurant and Lounge

Located in the former City Hospital power plant building in St. Louis, Element's industrial luxe style is a striking mix of old and new, hard and soft, historic and sleek. As an adaptive reuse project, uncovering the beauty of the raw space was key to developing the industrial-chic environment that re-energizes the once abandoned building. Exposed, glazed brick and polished concrete floors are balanced by the introduction of comfortable seating areas, strategically defined by Dye Lab tiles. The carpeted areas create intimate zones within the larger overall volume of the lounge. With so many hard, reflective surfaces, Dye Lab softens the atmosphere while also absorbing sound adds a design punch to the otherwise ordinary horizontal surface. And the irregularity in shading created by the revived dying practice allows flexibility to easily swap tiles in and out while maintaining the consistently-inconsistent pattern. The open kitchen layout makes every table a Chef’s table, engaging guests in the farm-to-table creations. The upstairs lounge has a more intimate vibe with its postcard view of the Gateway Arch. For a closer connection to the urban neighborhood, two large roof terraces extend the ambiance outdoors. Transformed Element is the newest jewel in the revitalized community.


St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Design Firm

Reminger Design


  • Food & Beverage
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    dye lab


    2015 Design Award Category Winner