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When Calgary design firm Within Design, Inc. was challenged by a daunting needs list for a new public/private medical clinic, the use of luxe yet affordable Shaw Contract hard- and soft-surface flooring became the catalyst for great design. Here, beauty starts at the ground level, with flooring choices creating a lush, elegant feeling while adhering to strict medical cleanliness standards but without breaking the bank.

Clinics Don’t Have to be Clinical

As wellness trends towards holistic, spa-like experiences, and hospitality continues to merge with healthcare, well-conceived hospital and clinic design is more important than ever. Modern patients want their healthcare experience to feel relaxing and welcoming rather than sterile and clinical. It’s a good thing: calm spaces have a positive effect on people, reducing the anxiety and stress that often surrounds medical visits.

At Calgary’s Excel Health, patient wellness extends beyond the clinic walls to a comprehensive, personal approach to medical care. Excel Health wanted the experience start to finish to feel calm, escape-like; more spa than old-school doctor’s office. They also needed versatility. The clinic includes dietitian services, an in-house lab, pharmacy, yoga and physical rehabilitation areas, all of which call for different types of flooring.

Excel Health tasked Within Design Inc. to create a warm, luxurious environment to extend across both the public and private clinics — two spaces with the same brand identity featuring unique design characteristics. The project not only had to meet strict budget requirements, but its furnishings had to withstand the demanding maintenance needs of a healthcare facility, while also feeling high-end.

Product Mix Creates Luxe Environment

With a diverse range of soft and hard surface options, Shaw Contract was a perfect match. The clinic opted for a mix of dynamically patterned Shaw Contract 5 mm thick Cut and Shear LVT and Alchemy carpet tile, two choices that wear well, work hard, and allow for a seamless transition between them. The melding of the two styles creates fluidity, supports wayfinding, boosts acoustics and adds spatial definition to the overall design. The seamlessness between the LVT and carpet tile not only saved money during the installation process, but also allowed the clinic’s moveable, demountable partitions to flow easily throughout the entire space.

A combo of colorways in dark and light Alchemy carpet tile help Excel’s brand image bridge across both clinics while maintaining distinct visuals in each space. The brass metallic color inlay of the Cut and Shear LVT reflects the high-luster accents in the carpet tile as well, creating a consistent luxe flooring experience throughout both floors.

Shaw Contract flooring brought a sense of contemporary softness to this healthcare environment, a design choice that has real human effects: promoting serenity and a sense of wellbeing in the dual Excel Health spaces. By elevating a spa-like experience, patients and caregivers immediately feel taken care of and put at ease, allowing the focus to be placed on great care rather than growing anxiety.

“While translating the brand’s inspiration of natural stones and gems, light woods and warm metals, we extracted geometry, depth, texture and play of light as driving concepts which were evident in characteristics of the fixtures, finishes and furniture specified throughout,” said Lindsay Zelensky, Partner & Business Development Director of Within Licensed Interior Design Inc.


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