Frank Bartlett Library and Service Centre

Situated in a sweeping valley surrounded by prominent mountain ranges, the small regional town of Moe in Victoria’s Gippsland is viewed as the poor cousin of its neighbours. Unemployment is high and there has been no recent development with residents having to travel for key services. There was a real sense of expectation when the hoarding came down at the old car park site on the rail line as the new library and community building were unveiled. A gently curved and stepped platform of landscape and concrete follows the line of the railway, shielding the noise and impact of the trains while opening up to the town centre to create a new sunlit public square and community focus. Suspended above this curved podium and dramatically cantilevering over the public space are two timber clad volumes oriented directly down the main street, and forming a focus for this civic vista. These wooden portals that frame views to the mountains, placed carefully on a landscaped platform that form the public square have created a new civic heart and identity for the town of Moe.

Because this project brief brought together so many different functions in one building, it was important that the flooring became the cohesive element to tie the design intent throughout the building between the many and varied spaces. The challenge then was to ensure that whilst the building finishes took a cohesive approach, they also assisted in giving identity to each of the special areas or groups. By using Shaw Contract's product, we were able to variate the finish through the building, in order to give spaces identity, but also to ensure that they worked together to create a whole. The carpet also assisted in some areas in providing a foil for the rich natural timber and concrete architectural elements. Its job was to provide texture and life to the flooring, but not so much as to overpower the feature design elements.


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    2017 Design Award Final Winner