The design mission of our space was simple: To craft our environment to reflect where we work and live…and to knock people’s socks off. The results of our mission have been clear: the client’s office sets the new standard in Denver for what it means to be a creative and collaborative work environment, enhancing our ability to innovate and deliver outstanding service to our clients. Highlights include: Direct link to the Downtown community – Community presence is part of the client’s DNA. Ground level retail space was consciously chosen to enhance visibility and connection to the Denver community, which allows us to host many community events and enforces our commitment to giving back to the Denver community. Defining high-performance workplace – Our space was designed with maximum flexibility and user control in mind. The office is filled with private nooks, open collaboration spaces, informal meeting rooms, and lounge spaces that allow employees to work where they want and how they want. Well-being in the workplace – The client’s office goes beyond just obtaining a LEED certification, It also is designed to enhance overall employee well-being. Centrally located stairs, abundance of natural light, choice working environments, and direct access to the outdoors are just a few examples of how the design has helped achieve these goals. Our new space is not the end of a build-out, but the beginning of the "next generation" of our firm in Denver, creating a new vision for ourselves and our community.

For the design of the new office we wanted a durable carpet to use in our open office area that would complement the space. We selected Shaw Contract’s “5T080 - scape tile - 78502 – domain” because of its modern, yet timeless appeal and subtle pattern. After being in our space for nine months we can say with confidence that this product has lived up to all the objectives we had set and integrates seamlessly into the overall feel of our space.

Throughout the client’s new office space in Denver, the design strategy promotes well-being through ergonomics, acoustics, material selection, air quality and interaction with nature. Some of the key features include sustainable LED lighting with motion sensors, low emitting materials, energy and water saving equipment and interior plant scaping. Further efforts were employed to promote well-being in the client's new space including making the staircase central to the design and easily accessible while hiding the elevators, providing a variety of work types, as well as having direct access to the outdoors. As part of the firm’s commitment to sustainability, the client’s Denver office is pursuing LEED Silver certification.


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