GoodLife Fitness Corporate Office

We wanted to break the mold, we wanted to create something unexpected. We wanted to create an environment that was innovative, fresh, and told a unique story. We embraced the CEO and founder’s appreciation for Jimmy Buffet, and introduced his music as a theme to the building by naming meeting rooms and spaces after his quirky song titles. Each space was brought to life with pattern, play and contrast. Custom designed wall murals were complemented with coordinating floor patterns, work spaces that were otherwise bland were injected with colour, and multiple areas were defined with various patterns, shapes and colour shifts.

One of our biggest challenges was the lack of surfaces we had to work with. In a building where most of the walls are glass, we had to overcome challenges associated with incorporating colour, pattern and interest to a space where we didn’t have a lot of solid walls to paint or add colour to. This led us to find innovative solutions for adding inspiration to each space in unexpected ways. Shaw’s product lines offered an unimaginable palette of colours and textures to work with; this allowed us the freedom to create extraordinary flooring designs that became an extension of murals, graphics and furnishings. It gave us an opportunity to utilize a ‘fifth wall’ in each space that brought each space’s concept full circle. It allowed us the ability to define walkways with pattern, identify departments with colour and set the tone for various meeting spaces. In each of these instances, Shaw’s product was a major contributor to the moods and colour palettes that helped create each environment.

At the time of this project’s conception, employees were crammed into a small, dated downtown building with tight cubicles, few viable meeting spaces, and a severe lack of inspiration. With a growing staff that was exceeding 300 employees, these corporate headquarters were in need of a newly built space that reflected the vibrancy and energy of the corporate culture. The objective was to create a work environment that emulated the company’s positive and upbeat core values – Happiness, Caring, Trust, Integrity, Peak attitude, Passion and Personal fitness. When it came to flooring specifications, our clients' goals included implementing a product that was innovative, practical, and cost-effective. We had to be mindful of the open office concept where there are few sound dampening elements, so carpet was the perfect solution for managing acoustics. It also offered us the ability to create diverse and durable design solutions while staying on budget. In such a high-traffic commercial environment, we needed a product that would stand up to a lot of use; and we had to be conscious of the possibility of damaged tiles and the need for them to be individually replaceable. Carpet tiles gave us the option to go back and replace sections as necessary without compromising the design. The variety of colours used in each pattern would camouflage any fading or natural wear that happened to the remaining tiles, maintaining the intended look.


London, Ontario, Canada

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Signify Design


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    2017 Design Award Category Winner