Ground Floor Reid Library Refurbishment

Flooring, and in particular patterned floors, are integral to the design of the facility. As a 24 hour student facility, the finishes had to be highly durable, but we also selected them to respond to the ambient requirements of each space. For example, The Circle, a glass enclosed multi-function room, is ringed in Alchemy Talc Platinum. The metallic glints and vibrant orange furniture draw the eye to this space, which has variously been used as a gallery, workshop, lecture room, and group study space. Conversely, semi-private study booths are framed by Waimea Volcania, a more subtle finish. The Northern Lounge features a complicated gradated curving pattern of Grain vinyl planks that darken as they recede from the building façade, mimicking the ingress of natural light into the heart of the building. The diversity of the Shaw range allowed us to compromise on price where appropriate in order to let the stars of the design shine. The facility is an iconic existing building at the heart of the campus. The building is known for its Brutalist-inspired architecture and somewhat forbidding presence; it even features a moat at Ground Level which still functions as part of the active security strategy for the library collections. However, the library’s central location on campus and its position between the beautifully landscaped Great Court at the north and sports field James Oval at the south have made it a popular destination for students to both study and socialize. The University Executive have encouraged this dual use and with this renovation embraced the changing nature of libraries as book collections increasingly transition from print to digital media.


Perth, Australia

Design Firm

SCHIN Architects


  • Higher Education
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    Noble Materials
    Color At Work

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    alchemy tile
    color frame tile


    2017 Design Award Final Winner