Idea Paint

Seamlessly blending the elements of a working showroom and a collaborative office environment, IdeaPaint’s workspace perfectly balances private space for focused work with the collaborative space to foster teamwork and invention. Nearly two-thirds of the space is writable surface, offering a real-time demonstration of the company’s applications. Hexagon tile is the perfect foundation for the open communal spaces, in a modern and intentionally random palette of gray tones to reinforce the design concept of interconnected and free-flowing space. Vibrant blue tiles energize key gathering spaces while echoing brand identity and bold graphic aesthetic. The tile shape and bold color selection allowed designers to create a completely custom look within the budget considerations for standard carpet tile. Rather than defining singular areas, the flooring pattern flows seamlessly between open and private space, enhancing the project vision of workplace flexibility and impromptu interaction amongst employees.


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Design Firm

Fusion Design Consultants, LLC


  • Small Office
  • Collection


    Products Used

    plane hexagon


    2014 Design Award Category Winner